Posted on Sep 23 2011 - 11:29pm by Nancy G. Janiola

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to BRAT PRINCESS – a place where you get to see THRIFT SHOPPING STORIES, THRIFT BUYING GUIDE AND TIPS and my signature DIY (Do-it-Yourself) FASHION.

Brat Princess is all about everything cheap but are of good quality as possible.

What is cheap for me, by the way? Well just to give you a clue… cheap for me could range from a dollar top from an ukay-ukay (relief) store or maybe less to a $35 signature jeans at 50-70% slashed price. That’s what I am good at… thrift buying! But that doesn’t mean this page doesn’t welcome fancy priced stuffs. It does of course especially if they are gifts! I do get them occasionally and who am I to refuse? Would you? I sure know you won’t!

Anyway, I’m not gonna keep this long. Whether you like my style or not I’m still glad you came to visit. Thanks for coming and I hope had a great time!

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