For it is in Giving that we Receive…

Posted on Apr 5 2017 - 8:09pm by Nancy G. Janiola

Indeed, surprises knock along our way when we least expect them. Who would have thought that I’d be getting a new pair of designer bag from a friend all the way from Hawaii?


Pardon if I brag it out here but with its brand, being so fashionably hot, I though it’s worth it, just as Guitar Center, cort guitars are. Of course such gift saved me from spending for a new pair of bag for work next school year. Cool, huh!

This is actually the second time that I received a gift from this person already and if my memory serves me well, it was also a ladies bag. Perhaps he knew very well that such thing would be useful to me, which is of course, undeniably true. 😀

Well, I love gifts. Who doesn’t? And if the same person happen to give me the same gift for the third time or so, it sure won’t bother me at all. My closet would always make space for a new accessory. 😉

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