On Staying Groomed and Preened

Posted on Jun 25 2017 - 10:28pm by Nancy G. Janiola

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We’ve heard about an expression that goes “a woman’s hair is her crowning glory”. For whatever it is meant when it is written in the bible, I’d say a woman’s hair has been a constant manifestation of her femininity and perhaps… desirability to some.


I am a woman with long, straight hair since. The only time I remember I cut my hair short (I mean really short) is when I was in college while having such old school belief that a new do will cap over the cracks in our emotional lives and guarantee us back that lost self-esteem. Crazy I know but that was long before. I know better now, of course!

Whether it’s a long or short do, we all wanted to look groomed at all times. This is a reality to many women especially to professionals and I must admit I am one of those who get pressured at times whenever I feel the need to reinvent myself. But that’s just it. It is simply about the desire to look pleasant before my colleagues and students’ eyes at work.

In fact, I haven’t tried hair dyes, styling products, or other expensive hair treatments. I am far from fueling the idea of having those trendy and changing hair styles that celebrities are flaunting every now and then either. That’s not me. I don’t think I will spend that much just to keep up with the world; though I have nothing against those who do. It is precisely a matter of preference that we ought to respect since we are distinctly raised in different environment and culture.

Although I only get my hair done on a rare occasion, I still envy those who wear natural, chemical-free hair. It doesn’t only save them money, they significantly spare their selves too from harm. I am talking about the chemical content of hair treatment those products (which I assume we are all aware of) the salons are using to deliver  us the look that we wanted for ourselves, which in one way or another may jeopardize our health.

An all natural hair treatment would have been safer and healthier should they come in handy.

On the other hand, wearing lace fronts is not a bad idea at all. Divatress seem to have all styles that matches everyone’s preference from long  to short, silky straight to curly and even braids which comes in various shades.

Sometime a part of some occasion calls us to look fancy while having fun and that is why I keep a few pair of wigs in case I would need one.






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